Ethical Integrity

Business Performance & Conformity

Business & Process Governance

Taking up responsability over a large team and multiple operations is a complex dilemma, finding the right balance between trust, delegation and control.

Our consultants help you tackle that challenge from the start. We believe that clearly defined objectives are the key to sound governance and management by exception. Therefore, we can help you implement techniques like balanced scorecard, critical business functions and more.

On the other hand, many industries are confronted with internal and external audit requirements. We have consultants who will help you integrate your hands-on dashboard with auditable reporting.

Project Management Office

As old-fashioned it could sound, a well-organized PMO (project Management Office) is still a key contributor for providing objective management information to business leaders and guarantee sound project management techniques internally. 

We have experienced PMO consultants on all levels, experienced both in traditional PM as in agile methods.

We can help you define your needs and soltions to your problems and implement together with you practical steering and management capabilities through a PMO.

Operational Excellence

We have experts in operational excellence who are real waste-hunters. The core idea of operational excellence is to create the continual feedback loop between what you do, how you do it and why you do it. We have consultants who will help you turning that esoteric idea into real improvement steps and practical guidelines for your staff and managers.

We have consultants with large Lean Six Sigma experiences, combining dynamic lean management with tangible Six Sigma data. These are real data analysts driving you to measurable success.

IT Regulatory Requirements

Information Systems and Technology is a critical part of secure business processes. It is thus logical that your IT organisation, assets, suppliers and processes are subject to regulations and audit. There are some directly applicable regulations and requirements (IT Outsourcing, SRB, PSD2, BCP/DRP), but also indirect requirements (business regulations with indirect impact on IT). We have consultants who can help you translate these requirements in tangible guidelines and help you set up an auditable gouvernance system.

Regulatory  & Conformance

More and more business is subject of regulations and standardisations. Especially Finance and Biomedical sectors are highly regulated, but the general trend to standardise and demonstrate conformance is growing since decades. 

We have consultants who focus on the business and management benefits of conformance requirements. Whether it be regulatory or standardisation requirements, the most lean option is to integrate these into your governance and management system.

With our consultants, regulation and conformity shall no longer be a burden, but a part of your governance system.

We have specific knowledge of regulations in Finance Industry and quality certifications.

IT Outsourcing

We have consultants who years of experience with outsourcing business and IT. They know the pitfalls and the best practices, so you can optimize your outsourcing processes and be assured of minimal hassle. 

Moreover, we can help you setting up the regulatory requirements and files for outsourcing in the finance industry.

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