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Client Centric Business Transformation

Customer Success Management

Our economy and its business relations are fundamentally changing from client-provider relationships towards a connected co-creating subscription based economy.

Evidently, not every business will transform as steady as some prescibe, but integrating your clients' successes and value creation elements in your business models is a must.

We have consultants helping you to gradually transform your business model, client interactions, IT support model and internal organisation to remain on top of your market.

Client Centric Architecture

We have business architects who help you put the client as the main forcal point of your architecture.

From a legacy point of view, all organisations have focused for years on automation, effectiveness and compliance. Building a client centric architecture puts the client back in the center of our attention.

From our experience, this does not result in identifying huge transformation projects, but in recentering the attention of our work to what really matters: having a delighted client, happy to share his/her success and acting as the best ambassador for our business.

Integral Customer Servicing

Today's clients are less willing to accept the burdens of internal seggragation of dities and responsibilities. A client wants a single contact to get what she/he wants, no matter you call that sales, installations or maintenance. That is your business, not your client's.

Organizing this is a great challenge needing substantial adaptation of information systems, roles and responsibilities, functions, automation and standardisation and foremost cultural change.

We have experienced consultants helping you on a path where step by step we build the organization ready to delight your clients.

Client Lifecycle Management

Are you also sometimes confronted with the question if sales, delivery, maintenance and support work for the same company? Specialisation and focus is good, but alignment through the lifecycle of a client is crucial for achieing global business results.

We have senior consultants helping you to make tangible a client lifecycle, aligning decision criteria, product components, planning, priorities and resources allocation from start to finish. This is the only way you can guarantee your clients to service them as promised and along with that optimise effort towards revenue.

Product Management

Notably in Financial Industry, organisations are confronted with quickly changing market needs, evolving regulations and different client profiles and markets. At the same time, products are pretty complex on a legal and procedural level and mostly imply long term relationships with clients. This is the basis for the Product Management challenge.

We have been developing methods and a platform to manage your products, product components, legacy and lifecycle and your product validation process.

Project Management Office

As old-fashioned it could sound, a well-organized PMO (project Management Office) is still a key contributor for providing objective management information to business leaders and guarantee sound project management techniques internally. 

We have experienced PMO consultants on all levels, experienced both in traditional PM as in agile methods.

We can help you define your needs and soltions to your problems and implement together with you practical steering and management capabilities through a PMO.

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