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Fit4Resilience is an initiative of Luxinnovation aimed at facilitating local business to recover faster, stronger and more resilient after COVID-19 crisis. The Ministry will anticipate the funding of the consultant’s assignment up to 50%. MSD Partners is collaborating in the programme which delivers:

  • An impact analysis on external factors: competition, partners, logistics, distribution, market, client behaviour …

  • An impact analysis on internal factors: processes, digitisation, workplace …

  • Strategic assessment of options with a proposed roadmap on short and medium term 

MSD Partners is Programme Partner for Luxinnovation to run Fit4Resilience projects with local business partners.


Why step into the Programme?

The fastest way out of a crisis is incorporating the elements which caused the crisis. We will review:

  • Your business model and how to make it resilient

  • Your suppliers streams and how to be less dependent

  • Your market and the opportunities created

  • Your digitization level and how you can optimize your current tools


We will provide you with a clear roadmap of low-hanging-fruits but with consequent impact.


Why choose MSD Partners?

  • Decades of experience with Customer facing business improvement

  • Thorough approach based on Lean Six Sigma (adapted to the size of the project)

  • Experts in service management

  • Experts in creating added value by finely delivering the services your client wants

  • Experts in process management

  • Pragmatic digitization advice 


How it works?

The procedure is very simple and fast:

  • Contact us for defining the project and receive a formal proposal.

  • File your company, with our proposal, to Luxinnovation. They will guide you through a short procedure.

  • Once you have received confirmation, we can start the project and the Ministry will make an advance payment.

  • We run the project and you will have to discuss the report with Luxinnovation.

  • You pay our invoice within 15 days and confirm to Luxinnovation

  • Luxinnovation will guide you through additional aid programmes

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