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Our regitered address:
MSD Capital sàrl
39, rue Haute
4963 Clémency
G.D. Luxembourg
L: +352 621 23 16 38
B: +32 495 50 18 46

Our Meeting Spot:

House17: also our spot!

In the center of the city, close to a public parking and transportation, House17 is the place where we can meet in style, with a drink or a lunch.

Drop us a line ...

When you have an idea, a programme or a project, drop us a line so we can think together about how to find the best solution for you. The earlier we are in the process, the better we can help!

Success! Message received.

Executives & Professionals

We are very keen to be in contact with you and to have useful information available at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

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