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Some history ...

Initially founded by Marnik Demets in 2004, MSD Partners has been growing into Demets-Heuskin (2009-2016) with a dozen of consultants. In 2016, business was put on hold to allow the partners to split their professional destiny.

Benefiting from essential resourcing, analyzing strategic market trends, Marnik filled the gap to propose "Service Uplifting Consultants* to companies and organisations eager to be ahead of the trend that  sustainable economic success  is based on thorough insight in how your products and services are used by customers; consequently supporting, even driving your customers to benefit fully from what you can provide.

Today, in 2020...

Starting from scratch end 2019, we are a steadily growing bunch of experienced consultants, sharing values, mutual growth principles and, utterly, a vision on the future of business.

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