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Uplifting Service Value

Our business proposal is fundamentally very simple: uplifting the role of service in your value creation model. The trend is going on since years: quality of products and efficient production cycles are under constant pressure from international competition, but the long term winners in the market are those who manage to provide consistent and outstanding service. That is what we help you to do.

Customer Success Management

Enterprise Service Management

  • Relationship Driven Business

  • Excellence in Value Creation

  • Service Driven Business

  • Excellence in Support

Customer Success Management aims to go beyond excellent service provision by focusing on the value creation by your client. It encompasses, beyond outstanding operational service levels, permanent integration into customer processes, short feedback cycles, control over delivery and proactive issue handling.

Critical to CSM are sound business-IT architecture, business intelligence, effective reporting and governance and lean processes.

Enterprise Service Management focuses on creating an effective and productive environment to the customers and business  it supports. Beyond smooth and adapted IT, it encompasses the complete business and working environment of users, including facilities, access, WFH utilities, company cars, travel arrangements ...

Critical to ESM are a comprehensive service catalogue, supplier management, CMDB, Service Management and IAM.

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